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2003/2004 HEAL Projects

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2002/2003 HEAL Projects

School Food and Nutrition, School District #27

"Kids will expect to have chips and chocolate bars available at the school concession." That's what some parents said when newly hired principal Marjatta Chapman introduced the concept of making healthy food choices in Lac La Hache Elementary School.

Four years later, parents and students are keen volunteers in a project that has just been awarded a $12,500 grant from HEAL.

The school food and nutrition project involves four elementary schools in District #27 &endash; Lac La Hache, Nesika, Mile 108 and Wildwood. The HEAL grant will help the schools develop food policies to make healthy choice the easy choice for students.

The project has the support of Assistant Superintendent Byron Robbie and is facilitated by Community Nutritionist Rose Soneff, who says, "If it goes well, it will set the stage for a larger project in all of Interior Health."

The SD#27 project puts students, staff and parents in charge of designing policies that work for them and that create a healthier environment.

As one participating teacher said, "This is a fundamental change in the way we link what we teach with what we do in the school, isn't it?"

For information contact Rose Soneff, Community Nutritionist, Interior Health
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WorkWell to model healthy eating & active living in the workplace

"We can't support the advice we give unless staff can be models," says Nancy Gale, Executive Director of the Williams Lake Child Development Centre. Gale is referring to WorkWell, one of two projects to receive a grant of $12,500 from HEAL.

Five non-profit social service agencies in Williams Lake will promote healthy eating and active living policies, supports and programs in the workplaces of all five agencies.

All are part of the Central Cariboo Community Opportunities Coalition, formed in early 2002 "to become leaders in human services, best practices and successful client outcomes."

The project is led by the Women's Contact Society and includes the Child Development Centre, the Boys and Girls Club (NOOPA Youth Centre), Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Association for Community Living.

Anne Burrill, Executive Director of the Women's Contact Society, explains the vision behind WorkWell: "Collectively we employ 157 full and part-time employees who have diverse lifestyles and health needs. We believe our staff deserve a healthy workplace. This project will support them in improving their individual health and encourage healthy practices with their clients."

The CDC's Nancy Gale adds, "Healthy eating and active living need to permeate through systems and organizations. "This is the most cost-effective prevention tool we have available to us. As trusted advisors, we have to be models."

HEAL sees WorkWell as an important step toward federal, provincial and regional health goals of putting healthy eating and active living at the centre of health promotion and disease prevention. Information about this and other HEAL initiatives can be found on the HEAL Web site.

For information contact Anne Burrill, Executive Director, Women's Contact Society.
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