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How to approach corporations

Corporations with giving programs that mesh with HEAL's objectives:


  • The Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network (CEGN) is a national Canadian funders' organization inclusive of all types of grantmakers that is focused solely on environmental issues. CEGN's members together provide over $50 million in environmental grants in Canada.
  • Charity Village searchable database to funding sources
  • Government
    • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative - This program is designed to provide funding under the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative of the Canadian Diabetes Strategy. It is intended to fund time-limited projects which will raise awareness of diabetes, its risk factors and complications, and primary prevention strategies for Métis, off-reserve Aboriginal people, and urban Inuit living outside their traditional communities. The type of submitted project proposal is flexible, as long as it meets the needs of the above-noted target populations. For more information please contact the Population Health Fund, Population and Public Health Branch of Health Canada at (613) 957-3507.
    • BC Hydro Employees' Community Services Fund offers up to $15,000 for capital projects in the north
    • Health Canada
      • Funding for seniors' projects is available through the Population Health Fund. The Population Health Fund is organized within a life cycle framework which has three stages, including later life. Current priorities for the later life stage are:
        • Addressing factors leading to illness, disability and death
        • Strengthening the capacity to support healthy aging
        • Enhancing personal autonomy and independence
        • Addressing concerns surrounding the end of life
      • Community development is the cornerstone of an effective response to HIV/AIDS. Much of the progress made so far in reducing the spread of HIV, and in caring for and supporting infected individuals, has been accomplished by non-profit, voluntary organizations and community groups. Federal support has been essential in helping to build and maintain this nation-wide community-based network.

        The Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS safeguards Canada's capacity to respond to the evolving epidemic through innovation, sustainability and partnership.

        Funding enables new and innovative programs that further engage the volunteer, health care and research communities in programs to prevent HIV infection and to care, treat and support people living with HIV/AIDS. These programs result in decreased infections, scientific advances in new treatment therapies, reliable diagnostic testing, effective health care practices, a strong community support system and a national knowledge base on how the epidemic is moving and changing. Under the Canadian Strategy on HIV and AIDS, three categories of funding are available through the AIDS Community Action Program (ACAP)

    • Community Mobilization is part of the National Crime Prevention Strategy. The deadline is April 14, 2003
  • Foundations
    • Breakfast for Learning, Canadian Living Foundation's program focused on child nutrition
      • The Nutrition Grants Program provides funds directly to communities who want to start or improve the quality of a nutrition program. Grants are provided to partially fund food, equipment or staffing for groups operating or planning to operate nutrition programs for children.
    • Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation Special Initiatives welcomes applications from new or established organizations wishing to undertake a new initiative within their existing program of work. The grants may reach $5,000, but are awarded only once. Local, regional and national projects in a broad range of fields are considered for support. Grants are usually awarded on a matching basis.
    • Bullitt Foundation is committed to the protection and restoration of the environment of the Pacific Northwest. This commitment includes environmental problems that disproportionately impact lower-economic people in both urban and rural communities. The majority of grantees are citizen groups located in the Northwest that are working to build and strengthen the environmental movement and to educate the broader public about the importance of protecting and restoring the environment. The Foundation has the following program priorities: Energy and climate change; Forests and land ecosystems; Growth management and transportation; Public outreach, Education, and capacity building; Rivers, wetlands, and estuaries; Sustainable agriculture; Toxic substances, mining, and radioactive waste, and other environmental concerns.
    • Canadian Women's Foundation focuses part of its funding on economic development for women and girls.
    • CEDTAP, Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Program offers support to mature CED organizations and to CBOs emerging in the CED field.  Eligible organizations include co-operatives, community development corporations, community loan funds and other non-profit organizations.
      • Activities we support:
        • Technical assistance
        • Community exchange
        • Target group initiatives
        • Information and communication technology
        • Tool development
    • Danone Foundation - The Danone Institute announces the creation of a program to provide grants-in-aid for research into development of innovative education and communication models for nutrition behavioral change. Projects will be supported that explore mechanisms which determine behavioral change leading to improved nutrition in the general public, vulnerable populations or in patients with nutrition-related diseases. Projects involving evaluation of existing nutrition education and communication practices will also be considered for support.
    • The Donner Canada Foundation - funds a broad range of programs
    • Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Non-Profit Innovation is committed to finding innovators in the Canadian nonprofit sector, then recognizing and celebrating their example in order to inspire others to action.
    • The Handspring Foundation will make cash grants to non-profit organizations and overseas equivalents that focus on issues directly related to Children/Youth at Risk. [This one is a long shot, as they do not have a history of funding projects in Canada. There is nothing in their guidelines, however, that prevents their doing so.] We are particularly interested in organizations and programs that are directed towards the following:
      • programs targeting high-risk youth that specifically utilize the arts, technology, and sports
      • direct services related to children's health (e.g. immunization campaigns, food programs)
    • The Lawson Foundation - invites requests for support for the development of innovative diabetes health care delivery projects in Canada. Sustainable community-based projects promoting partnerships are encouraged.
    • Loblaw Companies Ltd. fund health and welfare, education, social services, food banks, and community development.
    • J. W. McConnell Foundation - Projects that "promote new models of collaboration, release latent resources, involve people in new ways and employ integrative rather than compartmentalized ways of working" can apply for Advanced Dissemination funds.
    • The McLean Foundation endeavors to maintain a flexible policy, with particular emphasis on projects showing promise of general social benefit but which may initially lack broad public appeal.
    • The Max Bell Foundation prefers projects that (among other criteria)
      • value responsibility and self-sufficiency at levels of the individual, family, community, and society
      • identify, develop, and assess alternatives rather than focussing on the status quo
      • are driven by public needs rather than intellectual curiosity
      • recognize and address the complexities of public policy making
      • are outcome oriented (i.e., toward social and/or institutional change), not output oriented (i.e., toward delivery of a product or service); this entails outcome and impact assessment
      • effect change by building and leading collaborations
    • Mazon Foundation is the national Jewish Response to Hunger. MAZON Canada raises funds primarily from within the Jewish community and distributes those funds, on a non-denominational basis, to Canadian organizations battling hunger on the front lines. The application is online. For more information, contact Jacqueline Kott-Wolle at (416) 783-7554.
    • Metcalf Foundation - Though still in the process of refining its focus for supporting social programs, Metcalf continues to donate to organizations working on poverty issues.
    • F. K. Morrow Foundation promotes religion, charity, education and charitable activities in the interest and welfare of the public, either at large, or any portion thereof. Funding Interests: Arts and Culture ; First Nations Culture; Film and Video; Libraries; Education; Special Education; Universities; Health; Hospitals; Christian Organizations; Religious Organizations; Sciences; Environment; Social Services; Community Services; Special Needs Groups; Sports and Recreation; Youth. Contact: Ms. Fern Densem, FK Morrow Foundation, 3377 Bayview Avenue, North York Ont M2M 3S4 416-229-2009.
    • Molson Corporation funds arts and culture, heritage conservation, literacy, universities, education, community colleges, hospitals, scientific research, the environment, environmental resources, social services, and community development.
    • The Prince George Community Foundation offers grants to organizations performing worthwhile projects to enhance the quality of life in the Prince George region.
    • Seniors Foundation of British Columbia is dedicated to the concept of seniors helping seniors help themselves and thereby lead fuller, more active lives.
    • Vancouver Foundation - offers grants in arts and culture, health, social services, environment, and more.
  • Corporations
    • Altamira Foundation will favour applications that focus on children and youth in these specific areas:
      • Prevention of child abuse
      • Education
      • Preparation of youth for work
      • Programs which promote safe and healthy communities
    • BC Gas looks for
      • initiatives which fall into three categories - environment, safety, youth
      • long term, sustainable programs
      • programs that focus on helping people help themselves
      • opportunities to recognize groups, individuals or organizations that are making a difference in their communities &endash; events, awards, etc.
      • opportunities to collaborate in a program by serving on boards or advisory panels
      • opportunities where BC Gas personnel can attend and participate by putting on workshops, making presentations, etc.
      • opportunities to form relationships within the community
    • Clarica - will fund projects that encourage local capacity to promote effective parenting, supportive communities and adequate living conditions.
    • The Co-operators Community Economic Development Fund  The purpose of our Fund is to support community enterprises and initiatives that create local employment and promote local self-reliance.  Our company is proud to assist with initiatives that support self reliance through innovative, co-operative, community-based solutions.
    • Mark's Work Warehouse provides funding for social services, community development, education, health, children, youth, sports and recreation, arts and culture, animal welfare and the environment.
    • Merrill Lynch Canada has broad interests, including health and welfare, First Nations groups, and social services.
    • Moffat Communications Ltd. gives to a number of causes including health and welfare, education, arts and culture, sports and recreation, the environment, women and children, seniors, and youth.
    • National Bank Financial funds education, health and welfare, the environment, arts and culture, women and children, social services, Aboriginal groups, and civic causes.
    • Nissan Canada Foundation focuses on seniors, e.g., vehicles for Meals on Wheels programs
    • Petro Canada health and community services funding
    • RBC Financial Group supports a wide variety of community projects
    • Telus Community Investment Program gives priority to longer-term, broad-based initiatives in education, healthcare, and the arts - initiatives that involve the innovative use of technology. TELUS gives priority to projects that are unique to TELUS, offer partnership development opportunities, and donor recognition.
    • Weldwood of Canada [follow this link to the sitemap, then click on "Corporate Donations Policy"] gives primary consideration to requests in these categories:
      • Specific issues/causes/activities related to the environment/forestry
      • Significant education initiatives/projects
      • Major health care projects and initiatives
      • Supplying building materials to non-profit, low income housing organizations