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Meet some HEAL Heroes (see snapshots of most of these Heroes in the April 2003 newsletter)

  • Bulkley Valley Trail Society
  • City of Quesnel Riverfront Trail
  • Family Centred Program, Burns Lake
  • The Learning Shop, Hazelton
  • Yvonna Breed, organic grower, Prince George
  • Alice Domes, Health Nuts & Tobacco Reduction Program, Northern Health Authority
  • Jovanka Djordjevich, Community Gardens and Good Food Box Coordinator, Prince George
  • Emma Faulkner, Prince George Native Friendship Centre
  • Kathy Hill, Food First, Prince George
  • Joanne Houghton, Food First, Community Nutritionist, Prince George
  • Louise Lefebvre & Barry Barone, Cooking for Your Life, Prince George
  • Patrick Lucas & Emily Hansen, Rooftop Greening Project, Prince George
  • Dennis Nore & Judy Fisher, Grow A Row, Prince George Salvation Army
  • April Ottesen, Sassafras Savouries, Prince George
  • Bob Scott, Scott Family Gardeners & DART, Prince George
  • Rose Soneff, Community Nutritionist, Williams Lake
  • Danielle Sykes, food access mapping project, Prince George
  • Debbie Unterhofer, school meals program, Prince George
  • Caroline von Schilling, research on local food producers, farms, ranches in Prince George area
  • Stephen von Sychowski, student action questioning pouring rights contract, Prince George

Who are HEAL Heroes?

  • Organizations, businesses, communities, neighbourhoods, individuals, youth leaders, and volunteers
  • Role models for healthy eating and / or active living

Where can HEAL Heroes be spotted?

  • Locally owned restaurants and delis that serve fresh, local and organic foods whenever possible
  • Workplaces that care about employee wellness and make it easy to be active and find access to nutritious food
  • Schools where healthy choice is the easy choice
  • Families that grow and preserve their own food, walk or bike to school and work, and share meals together
  • Communities that build trails and bike paths
  • Community gardens and community kitchens and good food box programs
  • Agencies that make healthy eating and active living a part of everything they do

Why are HEAL Heroes important?

  • # of British Columbians with diabetes in 2002 = 177,497
  • Cost to provincial health care system in 2000/01 = $761 million
  • Increase in child obesity since 1985 = 300%
  • Percentage of new Type 2 diabetes cases that might be avoided with healthy eating & active living = 58%

How do I nominate my HEAL Hero?

Copy the nomination form below and paste into an email to HEAL Heroes or download the PDF file and mail (Box 15 Miocene, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2P3) or fax (250 296-4429) it to HEAL.

I've spotted a HEAL Hero


My HEAL Hero is a role model for ____healthy eating ____active living ____both


My HEAL Hero* is (name) __________________________________________

[*HEAL Heroes can be individuals, agencies, businesses, farm markets, projects, even whole communities.]


Organization ____________________________________________________


Street/City/Postal Code: __________________________________________



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Tell us how your Hero is a model of healthy eating and/or active living.









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