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We can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases with nutritious food and physical activity. Studies in Canada, the US, the UK and elsewhere make that clear.

Yet the risk of diabetes has skyrocketed in recent years. Now even children are developing Type 2 diabetes while they down hot dogs and chips and watch TV.

If you grow a garden, eat healthy food, canoe, chop wood or take the dog for a walk, you are already involved in healthy eating and active living.

If you teach fitness, council people with chronic diseases, provide nutritional services, cater, farm, build trails, advise patients to exercise, organize school meal programs or lead a walking club, we want you to join the HEAL family.

Seven ways to be part of HEAL

  1. Subscribe to the free HEAL newsletter by sending us an e-mail
  2. Nominate your HEAL Heroes
  3. Share resources, events, suggestions, ideas for healthy eating and active living with the HEAL network.
  4. Start a community kitchen, a workplace wellness program, a walking club, an urban garden
  5. Increase food security in northern BC by supporting local agriculture.
  6. Work for change - healthy foods in school vending machines, community walking trails, community food policies.
  7. Celebrate success - through gatherings, news releases, neighbourhood pot lucks, events.

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