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HEAL Newsletters (PDF files)

  • April 2002 (PDF 551 K)
    • HEAL demonstration projects announced
    • community garden and active living articles
    • how to join the HEAL family; resources
  • August 2002 (PDF 253 K)
    • Connecting the Family Gathering
    • community gardens, farm market, good food box, active living projects
    • students challenge school over soft drink pouring rights contract
    • events and resources
  • October 2002 (PDF 277 K)
    • healthy eating & active living projects around northern BC
    • HEAL Request for Proposals
    • School Districts #27, 28 & 49 food and nutrition surveys
    • meal tips for parents
    • resources for eating local, gardening with kids, and guilt-free snacks
  • December 2002 (PDF 364 K)
    • New HEAL projects: School Food and Nutrition; WorkWell
    • reports from community gardens, a recreation program, a multi-cultural research project and a new community kitchen in Prince George
    • Sorrento Food Security Gathering
    • why HEAL is an important initiative
    • a call for nomination for HEAL Heroes, and resources to check out.
  • February 2003 (PDF 397 K)
    • HEAL Heroes launch
    • community gardens, HEAL schools, good food box
    • school garden resources
    • the growing HEAL family
  • April 2003 (PDF 396 K)
    • Faces & names of our wonderful HEAL Heroes
    • Northern Root's creative community garden initiative
    • School Nutrition project a success
    • Hazelton's extraordinary youth worker
    • HEAL to start GreenMap project

HEAL Flyers

Connecting the Family

Connecting the Family, the report from the April 2002 gathering of HEAL advisors and projects is a how-to manual that includes

  • Working for food security
  • Participatory research methods tools, and resources
  • Communications tools and resources, including dealing with the media
  • Action planning, stories and more

HEAL Reports and more

Healthy Step Forward - Socioeconomic Services & Sociocultural Connections: Standpoints of Low-Income Mothers & Indo-Canadian Mothers on Healthy Eating & Active Living. Research report from the Cariboo Chilcotin Child Development Centre's HEAL Project

School District 27's proposal for HEAL funding is a good model for school food and nutrition programs and policy.

The Masset Flagging Initiative is helping grocery buyers in the Queen Charlottes to choose healthy foods. The shelf labels designed by Community Nutritionist Flo Sheppard can be downloaded (1.7 MB PowerPoint).

The Learning Shop in Hazelton takes an innovative approach to working with youth, including around issues of healthy eating and active living. Download a presentation on their youth food security initiative (3.8 MB PowerPoint)

Visioning Session

A visioning session on October 16th and 17th, 2001, launched the project. Representatives from the four northern health regions in British Columbia (North West, Peace-Liard, Northern Interior and Cariboo) came together to develop guiding principles and a vision for the project. Sections:

  • Part 1 (Guiding Principles, Vision of the Future, Advisory Committee Group Contract, Roles of the Advisory Committee)
  • Part 2 (HEAL Action Plan, HEAL Community Inventory)